Welcome To Table Decor Style!

Different styles of table décor can set very different moods, even within the same room using the same table. Add a cloth and some candles and your kitchen table where the whole rabble of the family ate their breakfast can become the setting for a romantic diner for two, should you and your partner be lucky enough to get some time alone together!

For me the table in my dining room is one of the most important, and certainly the most versatile, piece of furniture in my home. It is where we spend a lot of time as a family day to day. Its where the wider family gathers for celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day,Easter and any other special occasions. I have a collection of different sets of table linen and décor for each occasion and these are brought out each year as a family ritual. In the winter we often eat by candlelight in preference to any electric light and we love the cozy atmosphere it creates.

It need not cost a lot to create a beautiful table, in fact if you choose carefully its a very inexpensive way of making a room look great, plus you can build your collection up over time, a bit like all those old Christmas decorations that all the family loves to see brought out each year.

The tablecloth is usually the best starting point of course. The you can add table runners, placemats, coasters, flatware, glassware, flowers, centerpieces, table confetti, ribbons and so on. If you are clever you can easily make a lot of these things yourself which is not only saving you money but you will also have something unique to you. Sadly I think that not only do I have two left feet, but too left hands as well, so I buy all of mine. Apart from things the kids have made the only home made stuff on my table is the food!