30 pcs Cinderella Wedding Disposable Cameras Favors 27 exp

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Condition: Brand New Film.
Specs: 27exposure, 35mm, with Flash.
Film: Made in Italy – Ferrario ASP400 speed Film.
Batteries: included.
Standard Color Film, can be developed at your local photo shop.
Expiration: 06/2015.

Instruction Tent included. Tent Message:

Our Wedding Day.
Use the camera on the table to take candid pictures of all our friends and family…the fun, the special moments, and of course those not-to-be-forgotten shots.
Pass the camera around, let everyone enjoy the fun. When all the pictures are taken, just leave the camera on the table.

Text on Camera:

For Indoor/Outdoor use. 400 speed 27 exp.

IMPORTANT: When turning the knob to advance the film, on rare occassions it may continue to be able to turn without any resistance.
This is NOT a defect, the film simply is not catching. You just need to hold down on the shoot button, turn the advance knob until the film catches. Then proceed to use as normal.To ensure quality, please make sure your purchase is made from Balsa Circle.

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