Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen Shamrock Tablecloths 72×144 – Fast Delivery from Ireland

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This design is the Ferguson’s version of the traditional Shamrock design and is available in 5 sizes. This popular design, as the name implies, is based very much around the Irish emblem, Shamrock. Although the origins of the shamrock are lost in antiquity, legend suggests that St. Patrick plucked a shamrock from Irish soil to demonstrate the meaning of the Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The plant was reputed to have mystic powers in that its petals will stand upright to warn of an approaching storm. The shamrock remains Ireland’s most famous symbol. The shamrock is also commonly associated with the symbol of luck. In studying Celtic history, scholars have discovered that the shamrock was a charm to ward away evil. The Company, bears the name of its founder, Thomas Ferguson and has been offering quality Irish linen to customers since 1854. Today there are still a few weavers weaving plain linens for apparel, but Thomas Ferguson is the only Irish linen damask weaver still remaining in the whole of Ireland weaving traditional Irish damask table linen.Everyone at Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen has a passion about what they do. They have never lost sight of their main strengths which are craftsmanship, and a culture for quality, which have been developed over generations. To this day it stands for the best in linen damask and indeed Irish Linen, and both the Ferguson and Irish linen brands, built up over generations, allows the customer to purchase with confidence.Beautiful tablecloth made from the highest quality Irish linen

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